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Music as a Source of Health – Sing in The Shower – Play Guitar for The Plants

When we think of music, it happens in many ways, it can sometimes be from the perspective of audience and sometimes as performer. Who hasn’t sung their favourite song into the mirror with a hair brush while getting ready for school? So often a tune just takes us away to that magical place of fantasy and imagination.

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Do you wish that you could learn how to play an instrument, or perhaps improve your singing voice? Have you realized that the ability to read music plays an important part for most musicians, and wish to acquire that ability for yourself? While it is true that a some of artists are able to pick up their instrument and play by ear from the start, that is rarely the case. For most, learning how to read music is absolutely essential.

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One of the great things about learning to read music is that the skill can transfer from one instrument to another. It is important to realize though that there are some big differences when you are talking about percussion instruments, such as drums, and the others that you will find in solo and ensemble performances.

How To Understand and Read Music

Many music instructors insist that students learn at least the basics of using a keyboard. This is because it helps with learning music theory. It is an incredibly straightforward instrument and you can easily see how the notes and chords work. With other instruments, you have notes showing up in multiple places. For instance, guitars have six different strings to memorize. However, a keyboard simply repeats the same notes over and over, going up and down the scale.

The circle of fifths is an invaluable tool when it comes to reading music. This is a mathematical and musical concept that is the basis for the rest of your efforts to understand music theory and how to read various aspects of a piece of music you intend to play. It sets up the key signature, proper chords and so much more.

Many folks find the circle of fifths to be somewhat overwhelming. If this is the case for you, take the time to break it down into manageable chunks. Start with middle C and then work your way around the circle. Memorize where each of the notes land, as well as the ones before and after it. Draw them out into an actual circle so that you can get a better image in your mind of how it works.

In addition to this magical device, you will need to know the various key signatures by heart. This involves the sharps and flats that are placed at the very beginning of a piece of music. This helps to guide how the tune will sound. While the key signature can be changed to accommodate your desires, it is best to wait for that until you have been able to better grasp the rest of music theory. Before you know it you will have the skills to transpose a piece of music into a new key with ease.

making Sense of The Music

Of course, in order for any of this to make sense, you will need to understand both the bass and treble clefs, as well as the notes indicated by them. You must memorize these so that you can immediately identify any note that someone points to. If you have to think at all, you have not memorized it well enough. This is essential for quick thinking while you are playing your instrument. You don’t have the time to focus on which particular notes you should be playing.

Ideally, you should learn how to play music and read music from a professional musician. While folks were once limited to hiring instructors in their own community, that is no longer the case. You can find fantastic choices on the internet that will give you the tools necessary as you embark on this musical journey.


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Whether you are performing a local search or using the web, it is important that you look into the reputation of the instructor you are considering. You need to verify their legitimacy as well as their knowledge base. Remember that just because someone can play an instrument doesn’t mean they are an expert at reading music. If you happen to learn from someone who has mistaken beliefs, it will be difficult for you to unlearn them later on.

Reading music well opens up a lot of new experiences. You can learn to play virtually any instrument. Additionally, you are sure to have a greater appreciation for all of the tunes you hear from now on.

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