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Piano – The Keys to All Your Musical Dreams – The Instrument That Has it All

Every song ever created can be played on the piano. It is the most versatile of instruments allowing for any genre ever created to flow from its keys.

That said, a grand piano may not give a Jimi Hendrix song the same flair as the blazing electric guitar does, but nonetheless, one could play all of the proper notes with the proper timing and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Now with the electric piano which, over the last few decades, has added all sorts of synthesized sounds to its capacity, music has been for ever changed. Much to the dislike of the naturalist musician the music of today has become largely electronic, and much of what we hear on the popular music stations does not resemble the organic sound of piano, guitar strings, or brass. 

Oddly enough, many of these type of songs are still composed of the piano keys, and even (dare we say) played into life on those same keys. Albeit, the end product of the song reaches our ears after so many electronic distortions have been added that we almost no longer recognize the root instrument.

Pet Piano

Without a doubt knowing how to navigate the keys on a piano is a foundational skill for any aspiring musician and song writer. The piano is the best instrument for learning to read music, learn chord inversions and replicate the feel of playing different instruments in unison. Just think of it as a base guitar in your left hand, lead in your right, you tapping toe add the drums, and you voice as the front, and you have a one man/woman band.

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