Licenses and Rates


MyMusicSource offers a simplfied licensing system that addresses the needs of today's content creators. We have taken into account your resources and creative sensitivies because like you we are editors, producers and  film makers. We are also flexible and here to help so don't hesitate to contact us for any special requirement you have be it pricing, remixing, or stems.


The Non-Broadcast / Corporate category is a catch all for a multitude of other music usages which include: non-broadcast corporate and educational videos, computer multimedia presentations or animations, trade exhibitions, business seminars, in-house presentations, independent in-store, or music-on-hold.

Blanket production licenses are availble. Please contact us for pricing or with questions. (Sales)


Select this license if your usage is for a television show/series that will either be broadcast on network cable or online.

It is the licensee’s obligation to supply MyMusicSource with a completed Cue Sheet for the Film within 30 (thirty) days of the first public broadcast or performance.



This license is specific to TV and Broadcast media for use in self promotional media. Select this category if you are producing Promo's for you company, or a show.



This is a special category of licensing for content makers that plan to release thier work on YouTube exclusively. It is lower priced than traditional music licensing and designed to allow filmakers to stay on a budget while being able to use  higher profile music for thier productions. This is an upgradable music license. 

Choose this category for all types of Advertising including TV, Radio, and On-Line. Upgrade the license later if you need to run a larger campaign or include other territories. 


Film licensing is probably the most complicated type of licensing so we have tried to give you options. Remember that you can always upgrade a license at a leter date. For example you may license music as a preview  and then upgrade to pre-release and then upgrade again for worldwide once your film becomes a blockbuster!

It is Licensee’s obligation to supply MyMusicSource with a completed cue sheet for the Project that details all music cues used in the production within 30 (thirty) days of the first public broadcast or performance


Licensee agrees that use of the Project embodying the Compositions will be limited to the following: synchronization with a video game utilizing any and all video game platforms; duplication of up to unlimited (total of all media) copies of the Project CD-ROM, DVD or other media.