Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hestiate to contact Michael directly at info@mymusicsource.com with any questions or requests you may have.

Q. What is MyMusicSource?

MyMusicSource is a music licensing company that offers both very high quality Royalty Free, and Managed Rights music. What makes us different personal service. If you can't find what you are looking for, or simply don't have ther time we'll select music options for your project.

Q. What is “RADAR” system and why should I use it?

Radar is a patented online, semi- automated music request engine that will save you both time and money because do most of the legwork for you.

When you post a Radar request, an alert goes out to our network of artists, bands, and composers who submit music that matches your Radar request. Our expert staff filters all the submissions for you and delivers only the most relevant tracks to your Radar Request page on MyMusicSource.com.

You can then preview, share, or add any of these tracks to a new project, then purchase a license and download as usual. And best of all, Radar is a free service.

Q. What is different about MyMusicSource?

Customer service!! Michael Redman is an award winning composer and has conducted over 3,000 music searches for companies like Disney, Universal, Nasa, General Mills, and Sony and National Advertising Agencies. He gets personally involved with every project brought to us.

Q. Can I use MyMusicSource music free if I just want to demo it for a customer or need a temp track?

MyMusicSource allows registered users to download low-rez preview versions for use as temp tracks and presentation purposes. There are download links in both the search results and project folders. *We do keep a log of all downloads to keep everybody honest:)

Q. What format and quality are the downloadable files?
Music is delivered as High Resolution MP3 @ 320kbps. This allows for quick downloading and broadcast quality audio. Other file formats including AIFF are available upon request.